Opening the Anhui Facility

Anhui Facility

Our 3rd Location

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that circumstances can change pretty quickly. Now more than ever businesses need to evolve and keep up with customer demands in both capabilities and flexibility because as a supply partner, it is our job to zig when our customer needs to zig, and zag when it’s time to zag.

That’s why Boom Industrial is proud to announce we have invested in a 3rd location in Anhui, China. Our new state of the art facility has over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space which allows us to significantly increase our scope of services. So, whether our customers are looking for better/more consistent lead-times or a supply-partner that can run jobs ranging from prototype to large production-type volumes, we can help provide solutions to their unique needs or challenges!

Offering Custom Solutions

Boom Industrial is always striving to be a company that’s able to offer a complete set of solutions, and have recently added more capabilities to our line card to get us closer to that reality. We’ve been able to help companies with their metal casting, machining and stamping for the past couple years, but have just added more mechanical and hydraulic presses ranging from 200 to 3600 tons to widen our range of offerings in that particular arena. Last but not least, to go along with the addition of the new facility and presses, we’ve also added the ability to support customers that have requirements for Rubber-to-metal/plastic-to-metal bonding, Die-Cut Rubber as well as Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR).

We Create a Partnership

The world is ever-changing and we are happy to say it’s no different at Boom Industrial. It’s hopefully apparent that we are not afraid to look within and invest the time and money into the areas that our customers need us to. All of this is done to help accomplish our ultimate goal of creating a partnership centered around quality, service and trust. These are the reasons we have been able to become a trusted resource in industries such as HVAC, heavy trucking, automotive, lighting, medical, construction, agricultural and more since 1998.