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Industries We Serve


The automotive industry is known for its high pressure environment. For over a decade, Boom Industrial has established trustworthy professional relationships with a large portion of the automotive industry. Our company has working partnerships with top engineers and designers within Tier 1 automotive suppliers assisting with the development and manufacturing of automotive components. Our extensive experience in this industry has given us the unique opportunity to maintain long standing working relationships with some of our very first clients. Our clients readily entrust us as their automotive supplier due to our robust quality control and manufacturing control processes that ensure accuracy and high quality.

Automotive Parts We at Boom Industrial typically make:

  • Engine mount
  • Bushings
  • Power steering seals
  • Head gasket
  • Isolators
  • O-rings
  • Head Lamp seals
  • Vibration mount
  • Plastic Latches
  • Plastic connectors
  • Air duct hose
  • Gas cap seals
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Window seals
  • Door seals
  • Plastic handles
  • Headlight seals
  • Tail Light Seals
  • Plastic housing
  • Plastic brackets
  • BUSBAR COMPONENTS (connectors)
  • Threaded Inserts
  • Stamped Brackets
  • PDU Housings
  • Heat Sinks
  • Transmission Housings
Boom Industrial is one of the most experienced manufacturers of high quality components supplying the heavy trucking industry. We at Boom Industrial will not only help you iron through any design issues you may face, we also offer solutions on better efficiency for product design to mitigate these costs. We understand the demands of the transportation industry. With our expertise in engineering design, along with our ISO/IATF16949 facilities, we offer the best components for sealing solutions in the heavy trucking market. Let us know the next project you’re working on and we will be with you every step of way from design to implementation! We understand the importance of product durability. For over a decade, Boom Industrial has been a trusted source for a wide variety of quality parts that service both the heavy trucking and construction industries. Our unique engineering processes combined with our wheelhouse of manufacturing capabilities means more mechanical efficiency and on time delivery for our customers. Boom Industrial designs rubber gaskets, seals, rubber extrusions and moldings specifically for agricultural and construction equipment such as heavy vehicles, tractors, bulldozers, harvesters and picking mechanisms. Our extensive knowledge in rubber, plastic, and metal products will ensure excellent durability for even the most complex agricultural and construction applications. Please do not hesitate to call Boom Industrial for all your agricultural and construction machinery needs.

Heavy Trucking and Construction Parts We Typically Make at Boom Industrial:

  • Rubber to metal bonded Wedge
  • Shifter Boots
  • Bellows
  • Rubber Hose
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • ABS Pipe
  • Plastic Bins
  • Plastic Gears
  • Guards
  • BUSBAR COMPONENTS (connectors)
  • Threaded Inserts
  • Stamped Brackets
  • PDU Housings
  • Heat Sinks
  • Transmission Housings
  • Terminal Connectors
  • Vehicle horn components
  • Engine Fan Seal
  • Plastic spacer
  • Window seals
  • Door seals
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Grommets
  • Shock and Vibration
  • Absorption
  • Interior Trim
  • Valve Seals
The major appliance industry has very rigorous standards for quality and safety. Boom Industrial has extensive experience and knowledge in the production of appliance components, as well as access to a wide range of FDA and NSF certified materials that help produce the world’s most advanced, safest, and most efficient appliance components. Whether it be general seals or complex diaphragms and poppets with precise characteristics, we can help you with the design and implementation. Using our innovative capabilities combined with our eye for precision, Boom Industrial is dedicated to offering quality, top grade white goods and appliance components on a global scale.

Appliance Components We at Boom Industrial typically make:

  • Diaphragms
  • Poppets
  • Fluid seals
  • Gas Seals
  • Water and Ice Maker Valve seals and components
  • Seats
  • Grommets
  • Pump seals
  • O-rings
  • Metal Brackets
  • Metal Inserts
  • Plastic Inserts
  • Machined Couplings

Most Commonly Used Materials in the Appliance Industry:

  • Silicone and Liquid Silicone
  • EPDM
  • Fluorocarbon (Viton and other FKM’s)
  • NBR

Boom Industrial has been manufacturing components for the lighting industry for over a decade. Utilizing high precision silicone molding techniques such as compression molding, cold runner injection molding, and liquid silicone injection molding, Boom Industrial can produce quality seals that withstand the toughest environments the lighting industry serves. Our ISO9001 and IATF 16949 facilities control every step of the manufacturing process to ensure quality parts and on time delivery.

With our extensive knowledge in sealing technology, Boom Industrial has been able to break into the outdoor and commercial lighting sectors full force, offering high quality products and an unmatched price. Whether it is silicone seals for stadium lighting, gas station lighting, or street lighting, Boom Industrial has you covered from design to implementation. Reach out to us today for the most competitive pricing on rubber and silicone seals for your lighting application!

In industries as regulated for health and safety as dairy, food and beverage, it is crucial for businesses to have access to the highest quality food-grade rubber, metal, and plastic parts. All of our FDA and NSF compliant manufactured components are subjected to vigorous testing to meet the demands of the most challenging food processing and dairy industry applications. Our rubber, plastic, and metal parts are specifically designed to be durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures commonplace in food processing. Boom Industrial is ISO9001, IATF16949, and ISO14001 certified for environmental management and OHSMS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certified. We are well equipped to meet the stringent health, safety, and environmental standards necessary to supply the food, beverage, and dairy industries. At every stage, these products need careful handling to meet health and safety requirements. We create food grade products that make any custom application efficient and easy to use. Boom Industrial provides a reliable source for three core components for the food and dairy industries: Rubber, Plastic and Metal. Our rubber extrusions, moldings, seals, and materials are FDA compliant and precisely manufactured to meet customer specifications.

Dairy and Food Processing (Food Grade) Parts We at Boom Industrial Typically make:

  • Rubber seals and shields
  • Diaphragms
  • Silicone hose
  • Couplings
  • Bushings
  • Inflatable Seals
  • Rubber Cord
  • Clamp Connection Seal
  • Piping System Seal
  • Duckbill
  • Bevel Seat Gasket
  • Rubber Tubing
  • Compressor Shaft Seals
  • Rubber Nipples
  • Tank Lid Gasket
  • Food Grade Gaskets & Seals
  • Dust Cover
  • Metal Machining Parts
  • Plastic Gears
  • Plastic Pulleys
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Stamped Metal Enclosures
  • Metal Brackets
In order to be able to withstand moderate to extreme environments, a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system is required to have state of the art components to ensure optimal performance. Boom Industrial supplies a wide variety of custom extruded and molded rubber, plastic parts that allow your HVAC applications to function at optimal level in any temperature environment. Boom Industrial has been supplying quality components for the HVAC market for over twenty years. Whether it be a simple grommet or complex multi-component assembly, Boom Industrial can help you from design to implementation.

HVAC Parts We at Boom Industrial typically make:

  • Damper Blade Seals
  • Door Gaskets
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Duct Seals
  • Bearing Isolators
  • Compressor Shaft Seals
  • Vibration Mount
  • Tubing and Rubber Hose
  • Motor Mount
  • Edge Guards
  • Compressor Grommets
  • Rubber Hose
  • Expansion Valve Seals
  • Drain Tube
  • Masking
  • Panel Grommets
  • Panel Enclosure

Most Commonly Used Materials in the HVAC Industry:

  • EPDM
  • Neoprene
  • Natural Rubber
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Nylon
  • PP
  • PE
  • Polycarbonate