Plastic Admin main April 4, 2024

Plastic Injection Molding

Boom Industrial has manufactured custom molded plastic parts since 1996. We are equipped with state of the art automated injection molding machines that are efficient and cost-effective. Boom Industrial supplies plastic injection molded components for a variety of industries and applications, from simple parts to complex plastic assemblies.

Our dedicated team operates 20 injection molding machines ranging from 40 to 700 tons in pressure. We can source and mold any grade plastic materials in a wide range of colors and formulations. In addition to plastic injection molding capabilities, we offer secondary services that include ultrasonic welding, metal inserting, assembly, and printing.

Boom Industrial precisely engineers all plastic compounds to customer specifications.

At Boom Industrial, we are constantly innovating and investing in new equipment to better serve customer needs. Our goal of continuous improvement to our manufacturing process enables us to produce and manage all your custom molded plastic needs.